Another box of trims....still in cellophane.

I meant it when I said everything was listed. But then there was that small box of 3599 German fancies that perplexed me as to how to make available for sale. So I figured that out and you can find them here.

And then there is the problem of this box full of French quill fancy pads that I have not been sure of how to sell- they are SO fragile. Some fall complete apart when taken out of the cellophane (which is close to 100 years old), while others are a bit more stable, but still fragile. Do I sell them by the unopened package? Do I remove them and put the ones that don't fall completely apart in archival clear plastic resealable envelopes? I am just not sure. But here they are. 12 come per package and they are in lots of color combos.

French feather quill pad fancy millinery trim 3233

I'll try and figure it out next week. After this trim style is up on the website, I think that should be it for what we have left in stock.

Have a great weekend.


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