The Final Hour

As much as I intended to have an EXCITING SPRING SALE, I totally fell short. I did not add items daily, send out engaging emails, make stunning Instagram posts, or create a successful Facebook Campaign. No- instead I went to a Women's Retreat and allowed the Creator of all things to refresh and renew my spirit. I regret nothing. It was what I needed most to do... and some of you will understand and relate.

At this point, I am simply going to bypass the Spring Sale and clue you in on what my plans are. I will be closing the e-commerce website on Friday, May 26th. I will re-access what I have left in inventory when I get back in the office/shop in mid-June. At that time, I will start the process of closing down the feather trim part of the Ebay business. The remaining inventory will be taken off the market by the end of summer - possibly sooner. Regardless of how many trims I am left with, I will no longer be actively selling them. I am moving on to new ventures, and I need the brain space these feathers have occupied in order to do that.

As a professional courtesy and out of appreciation for all the years of business I have shared with many of you, I want to give you a solid heads up so that if there are trims you want to get, you will still have time to get them. They will be for sale through this Friday at and in our Ebay store. You may also contact us directly via email about purchasing trims through May 26.

On a separate note, if anyone goes to see the Wonder Woman Movie which is coming out on June 2, you might have fun keeping an eye out for vintage feather trims on the hats/costumes. Quite some time ago, we shipped a lovely box full of feathers to the costume dept for that movie, and I think it will be fun to see if any of them were actually used.

If you have questions/inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All my best,

Elizabeth Walters

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