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Feather bandeau wing trim, 3701.

Feather bandeau wing trim, 3701.

Made in Germany (vintage)

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This double winged bandeau trim was made in Germany and is available in navy. Made in 4 parts that were originally fastened together with glue, each of these trims is constructed of feathers that are pasted onto both sides of a fabric backing. They are in good-excellent unused condition, but need to be re-pasted before using because the glue is fragile.  You can re-glue it and use as a band, or you may want to take it apart and use it in pieces.

Each ships in its own clear plastic resealable archival envelope in which it has been stored for conservation and protection. Rulers shows size.

NOS vintage millinery feather trims from 1920s-40s. Uses: millinery/hats, lapel pins, hat pins, hair accessories.