Goose feather fancy trims, 3481.

Goose feather fancy trims, 3481.

Made in France (vintage Lemarie?)

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These dyed and lacquered goose quill stickup trims are each made of a single goose quill that has been stripped on one side, dyed, and coated with a lacquer-like finish. The feather shaft on most of them has been painted with a gold paint. At the base of each trim is a reconstructed bird head that has been build up on a base core and covered with small feathers that are pasted in place.

Colors are vibrant and un-faded, although glue may show in places on lighter colors. Trims should be repasted before use. Most colors are available in both left and right quills. The trims are in excellent-mint unused condition. Ruler shows size.

New Old Stock vintage millinery feather trims, early 1900s (1920s-40s), probably vintage Lemarie. Uses: hats, pins, hair accessories, etc..