Glass decoy eyes, glass, NOS. 5/16

Glass decoy eyes, glass, NOS. 5/16" (8mm) diameter. 1000 pairs. Original packaging.

Made in France (vintage)

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Made in the earlier 1900's, these new old stock antique glass eyes were made in France and are appropriate for a variety of applications, including eyes for stuffed bears, decoys, dolls, felted animals, and millinery bird trims.

Each approximately 5/16" (8mm) diameter eye has two clear eyes with black centers on either end of a 3+" wire. No two eyes are exactly alike. The variation adds visual interest to these vintage treasures, and the irregularities also make the diameter of these eyes vary a bit. Golden paint was applied to the back side of each eye where the wire attaches to the glass. The paint is loose on some and can easily be removed/reapplied, and there is some surface rust on the wires. These have not been cleaned or removed from the original paper packaging which is torn and tattered in places- see pictures- because many people love receiving almost 100 year old items in original packaging. For this reason, I have left them intact in package. I pulled an individual wired bundle from another package to show how the many individual bundles in the package are bound together.

This package contains 1000 pairs of eyes.