Feather quill fancy, 3664.

Feather quill fancy, 3664.

Made in France (vintage Lemarie?)

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Each of these NOS French quill fancies are made of a round pasted feather center with some kind of looped cellophane outer ring, attached to a stripped feather whip.  The glue may  show on the lighter parts. The almost 100 year old adhesive is fragile and trims should be repasted. I will remove these from the sample sheet as they are sold. The black one is missing parts there fore the price is less. If I can find parts for repairing, I will include them, but it is not a guarantee.

Uses: millinery / hats, lapel pins, boutonnieres,  hair accessories, costumes, fascinaters, cos-play, etc. Most of these trims still have the label of origin attached. Ruler shows size.

Uses: millinery/hats, lapel pins, hat pins, hair accessories.