"Glycerined vulture feathers" quills: rhea in blue gray

Vintage Feathers

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The boxes that these feathers came out of had this written on them: "Glycerined Vulture Feathers," and it was in the most beautiful cursive writing.The feathers are tied together in bundles of 4 individual feathers and have been that way since the 1920-40's. Each quantity of one is actually equivalent to one bundle of 4 feathers, and it is hard to know the exact condition of each individual feather until the bundle has been cut open and examined (please see pic of separated bundle). These feathers have been a favorite of many fly tiers, milliners, and crafts people.

The length of the barbs vary from feather to feather, but some as as long as 3-4". The feather shafts themselves range from about 5 inches in length to 8". Ruler shows size.

Uses: Fishing flies, fly tying, hats, pins, hair accessories, costumes, fascinators, dolls, teddy bears, crafts, cosplay