330 goose feather fancy trims, 3481. SUPER CLOSE OUT SALE!

330 goose feather fancy trims, 3481. SUPER CLOSE OUT SALE!

Made in France (vintage Lemarie?)

Regular price $ 4,950.00 $ 825.00 Sale

Here is the BLACK FRIDAY super close-out special for this entire lot of trims. You will receive ONE quantity of 330 trims (unless the final count is reduced do to individual sales that transpire in the meantime) at a close out price of $2.50 each (regularly $15.00).

These dyed and lacquered goose quill stickup trims are each made of a single goose quill that has been stripped on one side, dyed, and coated with a lacquer-like finish. The feather shaft on most of them has been painted with a gold paint. At the base of each trim is a reconstructed bird head that has been build up on a base core and covered with small feathers that are pasted in place.

Colors are vibrant and unfaded, although glue may show in places on lighter colors. Trims should be re-pasted before use. Most colors are available in both left and right quills. The trims are in excellent-mint unused condition. Ruler shows size.

Included are the following:

  • 54 black/white left
  • 50 black/white right
  • 62 gold/chocolate left
  • 52 gold/chocolate right
  • 2 emerald right
  • 4 emerald left
  • 4 burgundy left
  • 6 burgundy right
  • 44 beige/brown left
  • 48 beige brown right
  • 1 scarlet left
  • 1 scarlet right
  • 1 pink/seafoam left
  • 1 pink/seafoam right

New Old Stock millinery feather trims, 1920s-40s. Uses: millinery/hats, lapel pins, hat pins, hair accessories, fascinators.

Trims will ship to you in an archival, clear plastic, resealable envelope in which they has been carefully stored for protection and conservation.