The place to see and buy early 20th century feather millinery work...

with thousands of antique feather hat trims in stock.

Lush purple 'vulture' feathers

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All Vintage Feather Trims

Thousands of early 1900s feather millinery trims in stock. Authentic, original, New Old Warehouse Stock inventory. Almost too good to be true.

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Antique Glass Eyes

Made in France in the earlier 1900s. Fabulous vintage finds in multiple sizes, styles, in large or small quantities.

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Lapel & Hat Pins

Wearable by both men and women, these small assemblages can be pinned on suits, hats, scarves, sweaters, coats, etc., and are ideal for any wedding or formal occasion, or whenever a splash of color is desired. 

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Where it all began...


Vintage Feathers is the place to see and buy early 20th century feather millinery work. Our inventory includes thousands of antique feather hat trims, antique glass eyes from France, and handmade boutonnieres and trims created from vintage feather trims and parts and other feathers.

Our adventures with these trims began over 20 years ago when we ended up in Ghent, NY, with a barn full of vintage millinery trims. Since then, Vintage Feathers has been privileged to be the go-to source for some of the world's finest milliners and costumers. If we are able to help them with their needs, we can probably help you with yours. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to serving you.